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2022 Incubator Hatching Kits


Welcome to Gagne Homestead And Rescue Incubator Hatching Kits

This is a great educational experience for everyone. This will provide you with a hands on opportunity to witness the growing, hatching and raising of a chick.

You will be able to keep the baby chicks for up to a month after hatching or longer if required.

All the equipment will be provided including 24/7 assistance for any questions or concerns

You will receive 12 fertile chicken eggs, auto incubator with accessories, heat lamp, egg candle lamp, a water and feeder dish, plenty of food and a brooder box - plastic brooder box can be provided as well if requested.

With the incubator, you may have 6 fertile eggs in the automatic rotate or you may have 12 fertile eggs but will require hand rotation 3 times a day.

Incubators are easy to handle and easy to clean. The incubator provided are compact and take up a small amount of space.


We will deliver and provide full set up. We also bring along Rusty our real laughing Easter Egger chicken for that additonal experience for anyone wanting to meet a grown hen - she loves children.


Note: If animals are not welcome at your school or home, please inform us as we will keep Rusty home when we deliver the package

Note: Appointments for drop off my change pending eggs being collected. Client will be informed if date requires to be changed

Note: All fees associated with the rental package are used in the rescue of further animals including but not limited to buying more food and bedding

Note: We are fully vaccinated and have a clearance to be able to work with the public and with persons of vulnerability.

Note: Package is $100 for everything, for the entire rental term. It is not per hour

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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