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Addressing a concern

Hello everyone

It was brought to our attention a concern that was raised by Kim Stacey-Thomas

The concern is posted below through a screen shot that was taken. Please note that everyone has the right feel and write what they want. We want to be open about everything and will post this for everyone to see

To clarify , we do not sell hatching kits - we rent them. Renting the kits allows families, schools, children and many more to have the experience of hatching chickens or ducklings. It is to help educate and allow everyone to have the experience of seeing a newborn grow in an egg and hatch. All animals are returned to us once the experience is complete. No animals are sold with the kit. All chicks or ducklings are raised with us and join our rescued animals to live a fulfilling life. 100% of proceeds are used to buy food and bedding for our animals. We are a not for profit.

Please take this as a chance to ask anything you want to ask. We will reply openly and honestly.


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