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It has been a while

Hello everyone. It has been a while for our posts but thank you for staying with us

Yesterday I managed to pick up this beautiful day old chick after work named Wave. She hatched July 17th 2022 with no eyes. The skin is covering the sockets where the eyes should be. This chick is healthy and happy otherwise

Animals with deformities are always the

Most amazing and unique individuals with great personalities. They overcome everything and just melt your heart.

This little beauty definitely melted my heart and soul.

Follow along for more updates on Wave as she grows with us


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WAVE ANGEL It was with great anticipation last month that we found our best hen was broody once more after surviving the fox attack of 2021. She had scattered and then hid in the family boat while her sisters were slaughtered in the frenzy. We thought she’d been carried off. At dusk as we went to lock up the coop, there she appeared, clucking in lockstep, hurriedly getting to safety before dark. Finally, last month she began to sit on laid eggs while emitting that low cooing sound she makes when broody. Over the last three days, all five eggs hatched. Yet, this one has no eyes. Missus and daughter found themselves summoned to defend this…

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