Rescue Services

Welcome to Gagne Homestead And Rescue. We are committed to providing long term sanctuary for all types of farm animals who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or surrendered. 

We rescue all farm animals from feathered animals, to pigs and cows. We do not take in wild animals or birds that migrate.  We are available to take in all types of roosters as well but we do ask for a donation of $5 per rooster or a bag of food. We do not ask questions. We do not ask for your name. We are here to help those animals that cannot speak for themselves

We provide pick up and drop off services for animals needing to be re-homed.  We also offer emergency pick up service if an animal is in dire need

All rescued animals are never culled unless for humane reasons due to illness/sickness

Contact us if you require an animal to be taken/rescued/surrendered.

Sponsor a Friend

Do you want to help out, but not sure how to. You can take this opportunity to sponsor one of our animals. All funds go back into the rescue by keeping our animals fed and warm. Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an animal friend