Visit the Homestead

We always have our doors open to animals in need. We also Welcome visitors but due to covid we kindly request that you contact us ahead of time or schedule an appointment.

Safety First

For everyone who may show up to our Homestead, we kindly request that you wear a mask while you are here. We also request that you keep 6 feet apart. We will also be asking for information for contact tracing There will be no entry in our home. We are doing our best to stay open and stay safe. These are trying times and by working together we can stay strong

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School Visits

We are currently not providing school visits due to Covid guidelines. As soon as these restrictions are reduced or removed we will be providing school visits once again.

Family Visits

 Our doors are always open, but we kindly ask that you fill in the details below to schedule a visit and follow all covid guidelines for a fun and safe visit

Schedule a Tour

Come on by. Want to visit. Have some fun. Click to your right and fill in your details


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