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2022 Coop Rental Season

Enjoy As You Learn

We provide coop rental for individuals that want to have chickens but not the commitment of keeping them through the winter. The ability to have your own fresh eggs and the chance to learn as you play.  This is a educational experience for you and your family to participate in. Great activity for you and your family to appreciate homestead life without the permanent commitment of owning an animal.

No hassle. No worries


What Is Included

You will receive the following items with your rental:

1 Coop

4-6 Hens

1 Waterer

1 Feeder

Feed and Bedding to cover rental term

Handbook for adults and children

24/7 text/email support

Free drop off with set up at requested address

Cost And Term


Custom Terms and Packages available on request. Please contact us below

All rental coops automatically have a $100 deposit  to guarantee your rental. The deposit is non refundable and will be automatically reduced from final due amount on drop off.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Different Coop Experience

Do you want a different experience. We do not just offer chickens, but we can also provide month old chicks/ducklings for the chance to experience raising newborns without having to hatch them . You can also choose to have laying ducks if your area does not allow for backyard chickens. You may also choose to add a rooster with your hens for the chance of having fertile eggs for which you may hatch on your own. Please contact us below for custom package orders.



We can provide month old chicks if you wish for the experience of raising newborns. We require a few months notice


Indian Runner Duck

We can provide beautiful fully grown runner ducks. Eggs are very delicious.



Fully grown chickens laying beautiful eggs ready to eat

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