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2022 Coop Rental Season

We provide coop rentals to all

persons, homes, schools, daycare's and more...

We service most major areas

Contact us if you require more details in regards to service in your area.

All funds from rentals goes back into helping us rescue more animals, keeping their bellies full and warm at night

**We are now offering larger coop options**

**We do provide financial assistance if required. Every situation is different and we understand. Contact us for more details**

**2022 Coop Rental Booking is now "OPEN". Starting dates are now being booked for May 2022. Exciting times wait ahead**

Choose Your Coop

You now have a choice of which coop you would enjoy for your rental term.


Holds 2 Chickens


Holds 4-6 Chickens


Holds 4 Chickens


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